Twenty's Plenty For Leadership!

The following are intended as slightly tongue in cheek leadership messages. Within them though are what I believe are some key principles for school leaders. I hope you get  them and even agree with some of them. There are lots of different leadership styles and approaches, mine is reflected in the following.
  • Prioritise!
  • People are always the priority!
  • Only in Fifty Shades of Grey are people tied to desks!
  • Be like Bear Grylls and get out and about!
  • Only on Mastermind are you expected to have all the answers!
  • Collaborate to celebrate!
  • Out of tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow, so deal with issues when they're tiny!
  • Good flag makers and good leaders establish standards!
  • Walk the walk, not just talk the talk!
  • Would you buy a car from you? Build trust!
  • As a true fan, support your team!
  • Laugh at the leader in the mirror and don't take yourself too seriously
  • Don't be dumb, tell people when they are doing well!
  • Be proactive rather than reactive, but react when you need to!
  • Like a good librarian, be well read!
  • Leaders should be like cars, with more forward gears than reverse!
  • As Frankie Goes To Hollywood sang, relax!
  • Staff will do as you do, not as you say. So strike a pose and model!
  • Be the Alan Titchmarsh of leadership, grow new leaders!
  • Imagine Peter Kay doing your job, smile!

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